Free streaming

Free streaming

I am so thankful that I found this site that I don’t have to buy cds to watch my favorite tv shows. 

Yes, you may thank me later. :))


Take a look at what I am watching now:






MICHAEL CHRISTIAN MARTINEZ, the lone Filipino Winter Olympian in Sochi arrived from Russia Sunday afternoon. The 17-year-old athlete was all smiles as adoring fans and supporters welcomed him. And then things got a bit awkward when Chavit Singson and Lito Atienza suddenly appeared in the background.

Malacañang confirmed it has received a courtesy call request from the Philippine Sports Commission. But presidential spokesman Sonny Coloma said there’s no schedule yet since, “Medyo hectic ang schedule ng Pangulo sa darating na linggo dahil sa pagdiriwang ng EDSA 1 at pagpunta sa Malaysia para sa state visit.” You want the President to meet Michael in Malacañang? Here’s a tip: change his name to Janet Napoles.

Congressmen have filed a resolution commending the performance of Michael Christian Martinez in the Sochi Olympics. The lawmakers said, “He definitely did not disappoint our countrymen.” To which, Michael replied, “Sana kayo rin.”

Tito Sotto also filed…

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Home- Made Dog Food


I wasn’t able to take photos while making it but I’ll make sure to post some other time.

My puppy got sick three weeks ago and she was vomiting white foam and lost her appetite completely. I have to force feed her with milk and mashed rice. I am totally clueless what to do and it gave me a lot of stress. First thing I’ve thought was to not let her dehydrate. So, I made a DIY Basic Oral Rehydration Solution as first aid.


  • Six (6) level teaspoons of Sugar
  • Half (1/2) level teaspoon of Salt
  • One Litre of clean drinking or boiled water and then cooled – 5 cupfuls (each cup about 200 ml.)

I bought her to the vet the next day. Was prescribed with the ORS for puppies, anti emetic, multivitamins and antibiotics. I was advised to observe her for 24 hrs and if it didn’t stop her from vomiting, I should go back to the clinic to have her confined. Luckily, we didn’t have to come back but my precious pup already lost 2 lbs and her appetite isn’t back yet. So I have to do something.

Sorry for the long intro,  it is a good info though.

By the way my dog is a mischievous 4-month old pomeranian.


My first try was feeding her with what I have in my fridge that I feel safe for her. I’m sure that rice is okay then I asked the vet if I can feed her chicken and the vet said, “Yes you can feed her meat but remove the fatty parts” (chicken skin, pork fats, etc). So, I made a porridge with shredded chicken. She loved it! It was a success and she gained her appetite again. After 2 days, i think she’s already getting sick of the taste and wants a new flavor. I bought a chicken liver and added a small amount of it to her meal. Another success! After 10 days, we visited the vet for her last 5 in 1 and rabies vaccine. My vet advised me that I can serve her again the usual dog food (ex. pedigree). I did but she doesn’t like it anymore.

My sister reminded me of the “Meat sawdust”. Their dogs love it.

I bought it immediately and mixed it with rice. ( as a Filipino, we always eat anything with rice ). Then again it was a hit! I thought of having a variety of flavors to it afterwards. I researched of “What I should not feed dogs?” so I know what should I avoid. Then I searched for the recommended food for dogs. Now, I can say that I am ready for “my home-made dog recipe”.


1 carrot (medium size and chopped to small bits)

1/4 kilo of shredded corn

1 kilo of Meat Sawdust

1/4 kilo of ( ground/ minced) Pig’s Lungs

Properly cook the meat and everything else by boiling it. I suggest you boil it for an hour or more to kill the germs from the meat.

Another Ingredient is:

1 carrot (minced)

1/2 kilo of shredded corn

1/2 kilo of ( ground/ minced)  Pig’s lungs

1 ( ground/ minced)  Pig’s  heart

1/2 kilo of ( ground/ minced)  Chicken’s gizzard

The same way of cooking like the first one. Boil it.

What I did was, I let the two Home- Made Dog Food cool off before I put them in a small plastic. The amount on how you will divide it depends on how much your dog can eat. In a small plastic I section it into two, I put 10 spoonful of the one with sawdust meat then tied the plastic then I added 10 spoonful of the one with pig’s heart and gizzard and tied it as well. ( Can make food for 10 days for small puppies ). I stored it in my fridge, it can last for 10 days. I have it portioned already because it’s hard to divide it when it’s frozen.

When you serve it, you may add more vegetables or rice if you want. I did not season it with anything but if you want, just put a very small amount of salt to taste. Just avoid the ones that are not allowed to be fed to dogs. You may also try to add more meat and try other organ meats for more tasty meal just for your  bestfriend furrr ever.

Good luck.


Cagayan de Oro – Bukidnon – Camiguin Adventure

Welcome to Cagayan de Oro.DSC00142

Day 1

After we fix our stuff in the hotel, we went to Cagayan Mandarin Tea Garden for dinner. (Delicious food and the place is really cozy. I can eat here everyday)



Of course we did not waste our time we stopped by the night market and went to Da Tsa ( it’s similar to Cubao Expo). They sell local beers ,cocktails and their specialty, crocodile’s meat.


Day 2


We went to Del Monte farm and bought pineapples. (Most delicious pineapple I have ever tasted #TrueStory)

Also, we went to Dahilayan Adventure.


Back to Cagayan de Oro for White Water Rafting

The instructors and bangkeros are funny and very nice. You can leave your things outside and it will still be safe. One of the manongs said, tourism is the main source of income for most of the people in CDO and their people will of course never break our trust. Well, they really are the City of Golden Friendship.

You should wear long sleeves shirt or rash guard. Wear light clothing but should cover your skin because rafting will take 3-4 hours. Put on sunblock lotion. Wear comfortable sunglasses. Bring water and any food you can put in your pocket (like chocolates).

Good thing my friend brought a waterproof camera so we can also take “selfie” and group photos while the water is calm.


Now here’s the exciting part!


I just downloaded the first video awhile ago. It’s the video of our first big wave. (obstacle, what they call it)

We fell and it was caught on the second video. Everything in the video looks like in slow motion because it felt like I was ejected from the boat and thrown into the water.

We were really exhausted but very satisfied. We had our dinner in Bes, Steamed Lechon manok, it is located in Tiano brother’s street. Juiciest chicken, they have the tastiest home cooked ulam.

(Share ko lang! ) We also met this guy, we asked him why are they not used to in speaking Tagalog yet more fluent in English. He said, sa kanila kasi if you speak tagalog and you’re not from Manila people would think na you are being Manilenian than being a Bisaya or something like that. So English is really their 2nd language. They’re not being just conyo, speaking in tagalog to them is being conyo. So there! Now you know. Haha!

Day 3


I can’t really remember how did we get there but I remember we took a ferry ride according to the photos. Then our tour guide picked us up from Benoni Port.

See, we were really in a ferry boat.

See, we were really in a ferry boat.

Parang balikbayan lang! Haha

Parang balikbayan lang! Haha

The Port.

The Port.

Our first stop, Giant Clams Sanctuary & White Beach.

I told my friend to take this out of our list because it sounds boring. But it turns out to be one of my favorite. We hired our own tour guide / “taga-hila, approximately around P200.00 to hire one. So they will pull you in the sea (no boat) and show you around to see the Huge Clams (they swim like Muro-Ami).  The bed of clams really looks enchanted in real life. There are lots of Nemos , Dorys and we also saw a sea turtle.

It looks familiar! Lol.

It looks familiar! Lol.

Sea turtle

Sea turtle

Underwater shot

beautiful bed of clams

Next is Katibawasan Falls


Mermaid lang ang Peg!

Mermaid lang ang Peg!

Happy Little Mermaid.

Happy Little Mermaid.

Winner po sya ng best underwater shot.  Haha!

Winner po sya ng best underwater shot. Haha!

More Selfies and Photo Bombing. Lol.

More Selfies and Photo Bombing. Lol.


See, He can take selfie pictures underwater. Lol.


My friend, Micah is the 2nd runner up.

3rd stop is Ardent Hot Springs Resort

We had our lunch in their restaurant. Good food and good service.

DSC00387 DSC00388

Photo Ops in Sunken Cemetery

DSC00432 DSC00443 DSC00444DSC00439

4th day 

Camiguin White Island resort.

Will ride a boat to get there. You have to be there early when it’s low tide.

598445_4081768132738_561764413_n 481363_4081769292767_1925068904_n

You may call Kuya Rex for the Van rental/ Tour in CDO and Bukidnon: (Globe) 09178556983

And Kuya Teddy for Multicab rental/ Tour in Camiguin and Rooms: (Smart)  09392440521

They’re both really nice. Kuya Teddy let me borrow his Globe Wimax so I can work. You can also request Kuya Teddy to cook for breakfast. You may request for anything, but of course you have to pay. Don’t forget to buy Pastel for Pasalubong. I only bought Pastel and the pineapple from Bukidnon. Solve na! To top it all off, super bait talaga ng mga tao and very polite ha. Lahat good vibes! And this is really one of the reason why I want to go back there.

You Are Your Name.

They say when you choose a name for your baby, you are already creating their future. Everyone’s given name influences the outcome of their lives. As for me it’s just simple, everything that was given to us has a purpose and has a meaning.


When I was born, my mom named me Xandralyn. But when I got to pre-school she changed it to Sandralyn. (Which I do not understand why, mom! ) She made it legal, unfortunately my birth certificate got messed up. (It’s a long story!) Anyways, I now don’t have a passport and never been out of the country. Soon, I’ll have it fixed. I promise! ( If ever you know someone who can help me, please let me know! )

Today, I googled my name to see what it means and to know what’s my purpose. Hahaha! So there, check it out!

 Greek Meaning:

The name Sandra is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Sandra is:A feminine form of Alexander meaning defender of men, used in Britain since early 13th century; it became popular after the 1863 marriage of future King Edward VII to Princess Alexandra of Denmark.

“My father’s name is Alexander, so this is where they got my name.”

English Meaning:

The name Sandra is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Sandra is: Unheeded prophetess. A , Cassandra, or Catherine. In Homer’s ‘The Iliad’ Cassandra’s prediction of the fall of Troy was unheeded. Also used as an independent name. Also a feminine of Alexander Defender of man. 

” I knew it! I have this thing… I have a vision (vzhn)”  (*wink) hahaha!

 From Book of Baby Names:

 Sandra is a Greek girl name. The meaning of the name is `Helper of Humanity `

 ” I always believe that this is my purpose. “

 In Numerology:

 It’s number 3. 

Number 3 is the number of Enlightenment and Thoroughness. It is the number of the trinity. A three is generally intuitive, a sympathetic listener and affectionate friend. They are also the type of person that will give the shirt off his/her back if a friend needed it. This can also be an example of the dark side of a three for they can often be impressionable and gullible.


 The creative child

 Positive Characteristics: 3s are imaginative, expressive communicators and artists. They are tolerant, joyful, optimistic, inspiring, talented, jovial, youthful, dynamic … the list goes on and on!

Negative Characteristics: For as inspirational as 3s are, there is a price: they are often vain, extravagant and prone to complaining. Intolerance, hypocrisy, impatience and superficiality are par for the course when it comes to 3s.

BeFunky_null_6.jpgIf I were to choose the spelling I like Xandra more than the “Sandra”. But maybe, if my mom did not change it I now have a passport, maybe a better career abroad. Yet, I will not be living with my grandmother now ( I call her, Mommy ). I won’ be able to spend time and take care of her.

This is just one of its good purpose. – Happy birthday in advance, Mommy ko! I love you!